Case study 2

Prior to the establishment of the Victorian Child Safe Standards Maryam attended a childcare centre to provide some training. This had been organised by the centre director. On arrival the staff member at the door did not ask for any ID and waved her down to one of the rooms. In the room there was one staff member and 3 young children. The staff member said she had to go and get the projector and left Maryam alone with the three children. One of the children started crying.  Staff started to arrive into the room for the training whilst children were still there. They could be heard talking about their weekend plans, including a big party one of them was having.

The centre manager popped their head in the room and advised Maryam to just start the training rather than waiting for everyone to arrive. 10 minutes into the training she came in with food for the staff. She then handed out some paperwork to staff asking them to fill it in during the session. Maryam offered to stop the session and take a break if this was urgent but the centre director said it was fine and wouldn’t take long.

During the session Maryam asked staff to reflect on existing policies but was told the policies were in the process of been edited. The staff didn’t appear to know much about existing policies. When discussing mandatory reporting the team advised that they do not do that it is just the centre manager who is responsible for this. The centre manager advised that she tries to work with parents rather than bring in “outsiders” as it reduces unnecessary paperwork.

At the end of the session the centre manager told her staff not to ask questions so they could all leave on time.