The Office of the Children's Guardian  (Have oversight of the NSW Child Safe Standards and The Reportable Conduct Scheme. Regularly publish useful resources and hold free webinars)

Empowerment and Participation guide for Children   (Victorian)


Guide to keeping children safe online (Victorian)


Responding to incidents, disclosures and suspicions of abuse (NSW)

The Human Right’s Commission National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (A Nationally agreed set of principles. NSW's new Standards are closely aligned to the National Principles)

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Child Safe resources including National Principles Video

NSW empowerment and participation guide


The National Office for Child Safety Complaint Handling Guide


Speak Up and Make a Complaint This resource was developed by the National Office for Child Safety and the Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia The resources include a poster and leaflet for children and young people, breaking the complaint process down into three steps. They also provide simple guidance on what to expect and how to find more information.