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Child Safe Practices in action

We've partnered with etrainu to develop Child Safe Practices in Action eLearning.

eLearning is ideal when you want to onboard new staff, or refresh your existing staff's knowledge. It's also great if you are a small organisation and you want to make sure your team are trained in child safety.

About our eLearning

Keeping children safe requires ongoing attention.

With our Child Safe Practices eLearning, you have training on hand for staff whenever you need it.


Train new staff in child safety - and provide refresher training for existing staff.

Our eLearning is an engaging and easy to follow. It helps staff understand the steps they need to take to keep children safe within organisations.

The training is mapped against The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, Victorian Child Safe Standards, and New South Wales Child Safe Standards. Learners can choose the pathway relevant to their location and view the requirements for their state/territory.

Learners gain an overview of child safety requirements for organisations and gain skills to create a better and safer environment for children.

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