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All our workshops can be customised to your organisation's specific needs and delivered on site or online.


Child Safe Standards/National Principles

This interactive workshop will explore the background, intention and implementation of The Child Safe Standards (VIC, NSW, TAS) or The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

During the workshop participants will consider their role in ensuring children's safety and wellbeing, the risks children can face in organisations and  how your organisation can increase its commitment to child safety and implement the Standards/Principles.

Child Safe Essentials

This interactive workshop is designed for organisations who already have a good understanding of The Standards/National Principles. This workshop will cover The Standards/Principles in the context of identifying risks in organisations and responding to disclosures or concerns children are at risk.


Child Safe Practices

This half day workshop will cover The Child Safe Standards/National Principles with additional coverage of self care for staff, the types of harm children can experience and strategies to respond to disclosures or concerns a child is at risk.

Self Care for Staff

This workshop focuses on strategies that staff can utilise to support their own wellbeing. This involves developing an understanding of looking after ourselves so we can look after other people. There will be a brief discussion of some of the particular challenges of working with children and situations where staff may have pre existing relationships with families. We will explore some of the signs that we need to remind ourselves to implement self care, some of the barriers to self care and time to work on a self care plan.

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Teacher and Pupil

Trauma in the Classroom

This workshop will assist staff to understand the types of trauma children can experience, recognise what trauma can look like in a classroom setting and develop an understanding of why some behaviours occur. We will then discuss strategies to support children in a classroom setting who have experienced trauma. During the workshop we will talk about the impact of trauma on the brain and The Window of Tolerance. No prior knowledge is required. The material and examples have been designed for educators.

Problem Sexual Behaviour in Young Children

This workshop will support educators to understand the difference between age/ developmentally appropriate sexual behaviours and concerning/harmful sexual behaviours. The session is targeted to early education and primary school. During the workshop we will start to develop strategies for responding to concerning and harmful sexual behaviours in young children and understand the importance of safety planning to keep all children safe

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