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Child Protection Training for Early Education: Beyond Compliance

The National Regulations require Early childhood professionals to be aware of the existence and application of current child protection law and relevant obligations. However, awareness of the law and obligations isn't always enough. Staff need practical skills in recognising children who may be at risk and reporting.

Educators will often express fear or concern that they may one day have to report that a child in their care may be at risk. Common questions raised in workshops include: "What if I am wrong?", "What exactly is a reasonable belief?", "What if the family find out it is me that's made a report?" and "How can I support the child?"

Growing Futures Child Protection Training for Victorian Educators

Our Child Protection training aims to address those questions and provide educators with some practical skills to support children who are at risk. Time is spent discussing the types of harm children may experience, how to respond if a child or carer makes a disclosure, barriers to children reporting and self care strategies.

Training With a Focus on Practical Skills

Educators often report that whilst they understand their legal obligations its the practical aspects of recognising who is at risk, developing a reasonable belief, documenting concerns, responding to disclosures and reporting to child protection that causes distress and anxiety. Growing Futures' training provides educators with the knowledge they require to do this confidently and to know when and how to seek support.

Child Protection for Victorian Educators (90 minutes) is now available to book for 2024

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