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Frequently Asked Questions About our Child Safe Training

Updated: Apr 8

You may be considering organising training for your team. This FAQ document will answer some common questions about our training. If you have questions that are not covered here please feel free to add them as a comment or contact us directly.

What does “Keeping kids safe beyond compliance” mean?

Organisations will often have compliance indicators or checklists that they have to do for accreditation or to meet regulatory audits. Whilst this is important it can become a tick box process, where only the bare minimum is done, simply to pass inspection. Our training ensures that staff are actually motivated and actively involved in ensuring that the children they work with are safe. Keeping children safe requires a broad range of approaches and ultimately a culture where children’s wellbeing and safety is the priority rather than an organisation simply ticking the boxes.

How does your training differ from the regular online child protection our staff already do?

You are not from an early education/disability support/sport etc background? How does this work.

If we have good policies in place do we still need to consider training?

Why are there participant limits?

Why can’t anyone under the age of 18 attend the workshops?

Do participants need any prior knowledge?

Some of our staff have their own trauma history. Is this training suitable?

Do you run workshops outside business hours?

Growing Futures is based in Melbourne but we are regional/interstate. Can you still provide training?

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