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Terms and Conditions


  • Growing Futures’ quotes include:

    • The full cost of the training for the number of participants you have indicated in your request.

    • Travel costs and any discounts where applicable

Number of participants

  • The quote is based on the number of participants indicated in the quote request form (or discussed at the booking stage.

  • You must notify Growing Futures of any changes to the number of attendees before the workshop.

  • Growing Futures will invoice $50 per person for additional attendees above the number indicated in the quote.


  • We need full payment to secure the booking.

  • You must pay in full before the workshop, unless otherwise negotiated.

  • Paying in full means you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

  • If payment is not received 14 calendar days prior to the workshop, the workshop will be postponed until a later date based on presenter availability. 

  • All additional attendees must be paid for before certificates of attendance and useful resources will be released.

Postponements by Growing Futures

  • In the unlikely event that we need to postpone your workshop, we will offer you an alternate date. If there is no suitable date, we will provide a full refund.

Cancellation by you

  • Cancellations will result in a cancellation fee. We will refund a percentage of your full payment,
    based on the following timeframe:
    ● 14 days or more before your training session: 90% refund.
    ● Less than 14 days before your training session: 50% refund.
    ● Less than 48 hours before your training session: no refund.

  • We will also deduct costs for any booked travel that we can't change, or that cannot be refunded, regardless of cancellation notice.

Postponement by you

  • If you need to postpone your training, we will endeavour to find a new suitable date. The following costs apply:
    ● More than seven days' notice: no charge.
    ● Less than seven days' notice: a $100 fee will apply.
    ● Less than 48 hours' notice: a $250 fee will apply.

  • We will also deduct costs for any booked travel that we can't change or that cannot be refunded, regardless of cancellation notice.

Change of delivery method

  • If you have paid in full and then request a change of delivery method from onsite to online, the following process will apply:
    ● We will cancel the original booking, as per the cancellation policy above.
    ● We will provide a new quote for online delivery.
    ● Once confirmed, we will create a new booking.
    ● We will refund any difference in cost, minus any cancellation fees or costs related to non-refundable booked travel

Children Under 18

  • Due to the nature of the training, children are not permitted. You must ensure children are not present or able to hear the training

Covid-19 and other infectious diseases or illnesses

  • Growing Futures will follow all your Covid Safe rules when on site. We will contact you before your training session to discuss any specific Covid Safe requirements. Please notify us of any outbreaks of infectious diseases so we can conduct a risk assessment.

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