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Victoria's Child Safe Standards apply to a wide range of organisations.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Did you know?

In Victoria the Child Safe Standard's apply to a wide range of organisations. It's not just schools and childcare centres that have to comply with The Victorian Child Safe Standards.

Organisations such as:

  • public and denominational hospitals, public health services, private hospitals, multipurpose services, day procedure centres and registered community health services

  • coaching or tuition services for children

  • counselling or other support services for children

  • youth organisations (such as Scouts or Girl Guides)

  • cultural, sport or recreation services specifically for children

  • entertainment or party services specifically for children

  • gym or play facilities specifically for children

  • overnight camps for children

  • professional babysitting services

must all comply with The Victorian Child Safe Standards and take action to keep children and young people under the age of 18 safe.

Do you work or volunteer at one of these organisations?

What steps have you taken to ensure you are compliant? Growing Futures can provide simple, accessible and engaging training to support all staff and volunteers to understand their obligations.

Are you a parent of a child who uses one of these types of organisations?

Do they have an accessible Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy or a Statement of Commitment to Child Safety? If not, ask them about The Standards (and let them know about Growing Futures)

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